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Stairs railing design and installation functionality is an important consideration for any homeowner. The importance of being safe in and around the home is something that is not to be overlooked.

Our custom stair railing installation service is an essential piece in every property design. It provides an elegant focal point and adds safety by providing a handrail for children to climb upstairs or for older adults to go down the stairs.

It also has many other benefits like enhancing the appeal of your home, partitioning areas from one another and preventing accidents on slippery surfaces like linoleum or stone.

With Custom Cabinets by Nicola, you can finally take a deep breath in your home. We install some of the highest quality and most advanced stair railing systems on the market to make sure you never feel “unsafe” again.

Benefits Of Stair Railing Installation


Stair railings help prevent falls by providing a handrail for balance and stability.


A new staircase with designer railings will add value to your home and increase your property's resale value.

Budget Friendly

Many people do not realize the cost of a railing is relatively low, especially when compared to the price of many other home enhancements

If you are looking for an elegant and functional railing system, look no further than Custom Cabinets by Nicolas. From simple straight, to custom curved stairs.

Winders, open-risers, and even structural center stringer stairs – we have the perfect solution for your home. Custom Cabinets by Nicola will work with you to customize a railing system that is tailored to your needs.

With a wide variety of styles and customizations, your new railing will add elegance, safety and comfort to your home.

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